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About Mini Sabarimala

Ayappa - Mini Sabarimala

MINI SABARIMALA SHREE AYYAPPA TEMPLE, is a Dharma Shasta (Ayyappa Temple), situated atop a hillock surrounded by hills and valleys within the precincts of NCH Colony, Kanjur Marg (West), Mumbai, is the first ancient Ayyappa Temple outside Kerala State. A tiny stream was originating from the vicinity till recently which added the sanctity and beauty of environment.

MINI SABARIMALA SHREE AYYAPPA TEMPLE , a unique one by its resemblance to the HOLY SHRINE of SHREE DHARMA SASTHA at SABARIMALA crowning the WESTERN GHATS in KERALA, has been attracting thousands of devotees from all over Mumbai and nearby areas throughout the year, who find solace in the CALM, PEACEFUL and DIVINE ATMOSPHERE. Unlike Sabarimala, MINISABARIMALA TEMPLE is opened for worship throughout the year with USHA POOJA (Morning Pooja), UCHA POOJA (Forenoon Pooja) and ATTZHA POOJA (Evening Pooja).


IMPORTANT DEITIES of MINI SABARIMALA TEMPLE are SHREE AYYAPPAN as Main Deity, and Deities of SHREE GANESHA, SHREE BHUVANESWARI DEVI, NAGARAJA, BRAHMA REKSHAS AND YOGISHWARA are other Deities(Upa Devathas). A special place for SHREE VAVARU SWAMY was also there in front of the temple.

History of Mini Sabarimala

MINI SABARIMALA SHREE AYYAPPA TEMPLE, is the first aniceient AYYAPPA TEMPLE outside the State of KERALA. This temple is believed to be more than 12 decade old temple. It is also believed that Centuries Old beautiful DEVI TEMPLE as main Temple and other temples for Shree Ganapathi, Shree Mahadev, and Shree Ayyappa was also existed in this Holy Place of MINISABARIMALA HILLS which was destroyed and the Poojari’s and Brahmacharis were beheaded by fanatic foreign invaders during the Portugheese regime. This was also revealed by the famous Astrologer Shri Karuvatta Kochu Govindan while performing the DEVA PRASHNAM (a methord in astrology to know the details and Gods presence, desire, likes etc.

However, the devotees continued to worship the Deities in the dilapidated Temples. and reconstructed the temple. All the devotees come together and they have made arrangements for Pooja and other religious rituals in the newly reconstructed temple.

Opening Hours

Morning: 04 AM to 11 PM

Evening: 05 PM to 09 PM


Shree Ayyappa Seva Sangham (REGD)
Mini Sabarimala Shree Ayyappa Temple
Near NCH Coliny, P.B.NO. 17324
Kanjumarg West
Mumbai - 400078
Tel: +91 (22) 25 78 33 11 / +91 (22) 25 78 44 33