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Pooja Timings

For SHREE AYYAPPA and other Deities, daily ROUTINE poojas are performed BY THE WELL QUALIFIED temple priests. In addition to the routine poojas, special poojas are performed on special days as per the offering by devotees

Saturday is considered as auspecious day for Visiting and Offering poojas to SHREE AYYAPPA for eliminating SHANI DOSHAS (THE DIFFICULTIES FACED DUE TO SHANIGRAHA DOSHAS) and special poojas are also performed for the same on that day. On every Tuesday and Friday, for SHREE GANESHA and for SHREE BHUVANESHWARI DEVI, special poojas are performed. On Every Month of KERALA HINDU CALENDER, each Ayilliyam (Ashlesha) star, NOORUM PALUM (A mixture of Milk, Ghee, Turmeric Powder, Plantain and Coconut Water) is offered to NAGA RAJA and other NAGA DEVATHAS except during the month of MIDHUNAM, KARKITAKAM & CHINGAM. In MINI SABARIMALA TEMPLE, all poojas as desired by the Devotees shall be performed for particular Deities as per the Tradition and THANNTHRA VIDHI of KERALA which is believed to be introduced by LORD PARUSHURAMA.

List of Poojas and the rates for performing the same from time to time is separately incorporated here.

Palliyunarthal 04.30 AM
Nirmalya Darshanam 04.45 AM
Abhishekam 05.00 AM
Usha Pooja 06.00 AM
Ucha Pooja 10.30 AM
Temple Closes 11.00 AM
Temple Re-opens 04.30 PM
Deeparadhana 07.00 PM
Athazha Puja 08.30 PM
Temple Closes 09.00 PM